Webinar Handouts

This page contains handouts from previous Florida LTAP webinars

Webinar TitleHandoutsDateLengthRecording Link
Applying a Safe System Solutions HierarchyLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2023-07-271.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
Digital Transformation, Infrastructure Assets, and Strategy Management - A Virtual RoundtableLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2023-07-121.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
Traffic Signal Timing 101 3-SeriesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2023-07-116 hoursRecorded Webinar
Mental Health and Psychological Safety in the Workplace - A Virtual RoundtableLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2023-06-141.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
Arterial Signal Coordination Performance Evaluation Using Automated Vehicle TrajectoriesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2023-06-132 hoursRecorded Webinar
Road Safety Champion Program 7-Part SeriesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2023-06-0814 hoursRecorded Webinar
Temporary Traffic Control - Pedestrian and Bicyclist Considerations for Local AgenciesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2023-06-011 hourRecorded Webinar
The Pavement Avengers – A Pavement Preservation Origin StoryLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2023-05-311.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
Effective Communication with Elected Officials and StakeholdersLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2023-05-306 hoursRecorded Webinar
An Overview of FHWA's Proven Safety CountermeasuresLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2023-05-101.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
Equity and Sustainability in Local Government - A Virtual RoundtableLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2023-05-101.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
Hurricanes FEMA and Pavement Preservation - The Panama City Case StudyLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2023-05-021.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
Road Safety 365 2-Part SeriesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2023-04-204 hoursRecorded Webinar
Strategic Leadership – Strategy Management and Decision-Making RoundtableLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2023-04-121.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
Pavement Preservation History 101 & Asphalt Emulsions MilestonesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2023-03-291.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
The ACES Trajectory - Florida and BeyondLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2023-03-161.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
Strategic Leadership - Strategy, Culture, Change, and Values RoundtableLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2023-03-151.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
Modeling a Biofuel Supply Chain Between Urban CentersLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2023-02-151 hourRecorded Webinar
Career Coaching and Executive Leadership - A Follow-Up SessionLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2023-02-081.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
Basic Math for Roadway WorkersLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2023-02-076 hoursRecorded Webinar
Addressing Liability in Safe Routes to SchoolLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2023-01-261 hourRecorded Webinar
AMA (Ask Me Anything) Panel on In-Place RecyclingLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2023-01-252 hoursRecorded Webinar
How NOCoE Resources and Services Can Help You Improve Safety and MobilityLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2023-01-241 hourRecorded Webinar
Career Coaching and Executive Leadership - A Virtual Roundtable and Panel Discussion Link to Handouts Coming Soon!2023-01-111.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
The Art of the Deal - Pavement PreservationLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2022-12-141.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
Developing a Pedestrian Safety Action Plan 2-Part SeriesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2022-12-096 hoursRecorded Webinar
Guidance to Improve Multimodal Safety at IntersectionsLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2022-12-052 hoursRecorded Webinar
Advanced Work Zone Management and Design 4-Part SeriesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2022-12-0212 hoursRecorded Webinar
Pedestrian Road Safety Audits 2-Part SeriesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2022-11-186 hoursRecorded Webinar
Tips for TrainersLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2022-11-091.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
Pavement Management Perspectives from FHWA & FDOTLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2022-11-022 hoursRecorded Webinar
FDOT - Build America, Buy America (BABA) Implementation Guidance for Projects with with Federal FundingLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2022-10-251.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
School Travel Plan Development 3-Part SeriesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2022-10-196 hoursRecorded Webinar
Basics of Strategic Communication PlanningLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2022-09-071.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
National Center for Pavement Preservation Update and the Asphalt Roads of TomorrowLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2022-09-071 hourRecorded Webinar
FDOT - ADA in Design, Construction, and MaintenanceLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2022-02-244 hoursRecorded Webinar
Conducting a School Walk Audit 3-Part SeriesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2022-08-156 hoursRecorded Webinar
Capital Planning and BudgetingLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2022-08-101 hourRecorded Webinar
Lane RepurposingLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2022-07-274 hoursRecorded Webinar
Signal Coordination Timing Development and Evaluation 2-Part SeriesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2022-07-184 hoursRecorded Webinar
School Siting 2-Part SeriesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2022-07-074 hoursRecorded Webinar
Roadside Safety 2-Part SeriesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2022-06-164 hoursRecorded Webinar
Transportation Asset Management 2-Part SeriesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2022-06-144 hoursRecorded Webinar
Employee Recruitment and RetentionLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2022-06-081 hourRecorded Webinar
Combating Roadway Departures 2-Part SeriesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2022-06-077 hoursRecorded Webinar
Safe Practices for Placing and Removing Temporary Traffic Control DevicesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2022-06-032 hoursRecorded Webinar
2022 FHWA Emergency Relief Program (ER) Training for Local AgenciesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2022-06-022 hoursRecorded Webinar
Polk County Pavement Preservation Case StudyLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2022-05-251.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
NCHRP Report 948: 20 Design Flags to Evaluate Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety at Alternative and Other IntersectionsLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2022-05-241.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
Safe Routes to School for Rural Communities 2-Part SeriesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2022-05-183 hoursRecorded Webinar
Road Safety Audits 3-Part SeriesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2020-03-236 hoursRecorded Webinar
Performance-Based Intersection Design and Operations 2-Part SeriesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2022-05-045 hoursRecorded Webinar
Low-Cost Safety Improvements 2-Part SeriesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2022-04-266 hoursRecorded Webinar
LAP Virtual Workshop 2022 (No. BT-05-0151) 4-Part SeriesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2022-04-207.25 hoursRecorded Webinar
Path to APWA AccreditationLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2022-04-131 hourRecorded Webinar
How to Create a Walking/Rolling School BusLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2022-04-111.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
Complete Streets Introduction & Federal/State PerspectiveLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2022-03-292 hoursRecorded Webinar
Communication RoadblocksLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2022-03-041 hourRecorded Webinar
Data Analysis and Safe Routes to SchoolLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2022-02-231.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
Fleet Management, Planning, and Best PracticesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2022-02-091 hourRecorded Webinar
Safe Routes to School 101Link to Handouts Coming Soon!2022-01-191.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
Smart Asset Management Technologies and ToolsLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2021-12-081 hourRecorded Webinar
Urban Heat Island and Pavement Preservation ExplainedLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2021-10-271.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
LAP Professional Services Checklist TrainingLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2021-10-208 hours Recorded Webinar
Healthy Living and Public ServicesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2021-10-131 hourRecorded Webinar
The Safe System Approach: What Is It and Why Is It Getting So Much Attention?Link to Handouts Coming Soon!2021-09-301.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
Innovation and Concrete PreservationLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2021-09-291.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
How to Plan a Walk and Bike to School DayLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2021-09-231.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
2018 Florida Greenbook UpdatesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2021-08-172 hoursRecorded Webinar
Traffic Engineering Fundamentals 3-Part SeriesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2021-08-192 hoursRecorded Webinar
Public Speaking Skills for Engineers 101Link to Handouts Coming Soon!2021-08-171 hourRecorded Webinar
Pavement Management and Analysis – Key Performance IndicatorsLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2021-07-281.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
Intersection Safety 3-Part SeriesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2021-07-272 hoursRecorded Webinar
A Transportation Professionals Guide to Utilizing Video Technology 2-Part SeriesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2021-06-161.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
Municipal Administration, Strategic Management, and Performance MeasuresLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2021-06-161 hourRecorded Webinar
FDOT Grant Application Process "GAP" System TrainingLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2021-06-092 hoursRecorded Webinar
Speed Calming and Speed Management 2-Part SeriesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2021-05-272 hoursRecorded Webinar
FHWA Every Day Counts Six (EDC-6) Targeted Overlay Pavement Solutions (TOPS)Link to Handouts Coming Soon!2021-05-261.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
Designing for Complete Streets 3-Part SeriesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2021-05-062 hoursRecorded Webinar
LAP Construction Checklist and Specifications Training (No.BT-05-0197)Link to Handouts Coming Soon!2021-04-214 hoursRecorded Webinar
Access Management: The Basics and More 3-Part SeriesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2021-04-081.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
Effective Motivation of Transportation Employees 3-Part SeriesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2021-04-072 hoursRecorded Webinar
An Introduction to Bridge PreservationLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2021-03-311.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
How to Contribute, Collaborate, and Benefit from the Florida ACES Database and Activity ViewerLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2021-03-291 hourRecorded Webinar
Traffic Signal Timing 201 3-SeriesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2021-03-102 hoursRecorded Webinar
FDOT Districts 1 & 7 Local Agency Safety SummitLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2021-03-042.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
Vision Zero – Developing a Motorcycle Safety Strategic PlanLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2021-03-031 hourRecorded Webinar
How to Ensure Successful Pavement Preservation ProjectsLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2021-02-241.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
Introduction to The Florida Automated, Connected, Electric, and Shared (ACES) Transportation Roadmap InitiativeLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2021-01-291 hourRecorded Webinar
In-Place Recycling, Hot and ColdLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2020-12-083 hoursRecorded Webinar
Roadway Departure Safety 3-Part SeriesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2020-12-036 hoursRecorded Webinar
Roundabout Design Fundamentals and ICE 3-Part SeriesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2020-12-026 hoursRecorded Webinar
ADA Accessible Design Virtual LiteLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2020-11-173.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
2020 Virtual Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Best Practices Symposium 4-Part SeriesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2020-11-036.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
Transportation Planning, Programming, and Funding: The Basics of Transportation Dollars and SenseLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2020-09-301.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
Introduction to Designing for Complete StreetsLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2020-09-301.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
Florida School Crossing Guard Training ProgramLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2020-09-231.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
LAP Title VI Sub-Recipient Compliance Assessment Tool (SCAT) Training Course (No. BT-05-0153)Link to Handouts Coming Soon!2020-09-032 hoursRecorded Webinar
Road Safety Fundamentals 5-Part SeriesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2020-08-197.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
Permit-Required Confined Space Entry 3-Part SeriesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2020-08-186 hoursRecorded Webinar
The Basics of Traffic Signal TimingLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2020-08-052 hoursRecorded Webinar
Pavement Management Plan Development and Implementation 5-Part SeriesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2020-08-047.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
The Use and Misuse of Crash Modification FactorsLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2020-07-221.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
Tips to Improve Your Public Speaking InstantlyLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2020-07-211 hourRecorded Webinar
Developing Diverse Partnerships & Implementing Solid Action Plans to Improve Ped/Bike SafetyLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2020-05-181 hourRecorded Webinar
The Florida Greenbook 6-Part SeriesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2020-05-069 hoursRecorded Webinar
Pavement Preservation - A Federal, State, and Local PerspectiveLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2020-03-261.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
Understanding Pavement ManagementLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2020-02-201 hourRecorded Webinar
Pavement Preservation ConceptLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2019-12-171 hourRecorded Webinar
Driving FoRRRwD - A Systemic Approach to Reducing Roadway DeparturesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2019-10-251.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
Marketing for Government AgenciesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2019-10-091 hourRecorded Webinar
How Are Technologies Changing Our Ways of Doing Signal Timing and CoordinationLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2019-08-071.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
Safety Education Campaign Development for Florida’s Local AgenciesLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2019-07-251.5 hoursRecorded Webinar
APWA Accreditation Basic TrainingLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2019-06-271 hourRecorded Webinar
Time Management for Public OfficialsLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2019-06-181 hourRecorded Webinar
FDOT District 7 and Local Agency Safety Improvement CollaborationLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2019-05-131 hourRecorded Webinar
STEP: Safe Transportation for Every Pedestrian €“ How Florida is Implementing STEPLink to Handouts Coming Soon!2019-04-221.5 hoursRecorded Webinar

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